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Our commitments


Each year, more clothes are produced at a cheaper price. 
In 2014, 100 billions clothes were bought around the world. Fast Fashion made the industry the second largest pollutant. As crucial as it is, we can still act to change things. We are committed to do things differently, from production to consumption. Here are our actions to be greener, more sustainable and ethical, closer to you.

Closer, greener

FactThe fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions. Fabrics and finished products are usually shipped by air, which increase even more the carbon impact of each garment. Between its different materials and its importation, a simple t-shirt has sometimes traveled more than 25,000 miles (40,000 km) before its final destination in our wardrobe. 

Our resolution: Change our supply chain by sourcing our fabrics close to our production plant. Create more partnerships with European suppliers who support minimum wage and share our values. Prioritize the use of local fabrics and materials to minimize our carbon footprint. 

A packaging 100% recyclable

Fact: 1 million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute in the world. No need to add more waste in landfills or in the oceans. 

Our resolution: Offer you a recyclable box and recycled tissue paper, post cards and stickers for all your orders. We are also brainstorming a way to replace the poly plastic bags that protect the clothes during shipping between our manufacturers and warehouses. This is a major obstacle for most fashion brands. 

Let's be clear 

FactMore than one-third of microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, and from laundry detergents. 

Our resolution: select only natural fiber fabrics for our clothes. Cotton, linen, wool, silk… and nothing else!


Organic is the new black 

Fact: it takes about 2,000 gallons (7,600 liters) of water to make your favorite pair of jeans, which is what a person usually drinks in 7 years. .

Our resolution: Continue to select Oeko-Tex certified fabrics onlyand increase the portions of organic fabrics in our collections to become 100% organic. 


Growing & giving back

Fact: We are mothers designing and making beautiful clothes for healthy children, who go to school, are surrounded by loving families and are not going to bed hungry. 

Making lovely clothes is great, making them with a purpose is better. 

Our resolutionGive 3% of our online sales back to Zazakely Sambatra, an organization that provides access to education and medical help to children at risk in Madagascar. We have been partnering with this organization for 6 years. 


Bonjour Upcycling

Fact: Fashion industry creates lots of waist that have an environmental impact: 84% of all unwanted clothes end up in landfills, only 13% is recycled. 

Our resolution: Decrease our waste by using left over fabric to design accessories, limited edition collections and gifts to be slipped in your orders. 

Size Chart
Size Height (in) Hauteur (cm) Tour de taille (cm) Chest (in) Poitrine (cm) Waist (in) Tour de taille (cm) Hips (in) Hanches (cm)
3m 20-23 60 40
6m 23-25 67 44
9m 25-27 70 45
12m 27-30 74 46
18m 30-33 81 47
24m 33-35 86 48
2y 33-35 86 20 51 19.5 50 22 55
3y 39 98 21 53 20 51 23 58
4y 41 104 22 55 20.5 52 24 62
5y 43 110 23 57 21 53 25 64
6y 46 116 24 59 22 54 26 66
8y 50 128 25 64 23 57 28 70
10y 55 140 28 70 24 61 30 76
12y 60 152 30 77 25 64 33 84