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March 11, 2022



I was walking the aisles of the Playtime show when I met sparkling Delphine Lescallier, founder of the children's make-up brand Rosajou. I then remembered that one of my daughters had received as a gift a beautiful box containing a small lipstick and a nail polished she loved! The box was from Rosajou and I was in front of its creator. I am happy to introduce her to you.

  Delphine has long worked in cosmetics, but it was at the birth of her daughter Camille that she developed an interest for entrepreneurship. She realized that there was no makeup brand for children. And by watching Camille play makeup, she understood what products would be a hit with the little girls: colored nail polish, glittery creams, and rose blush !


For Delphine, it is impossible not to manufacture her products in France. Although it costs a little more, cosmetics made in France guarantee immaculate product development, clean formulas for children's skin, and environmentally friendly products. Among other things, Delphine worked with a nose in Grasse, in a magical place that inspired her a lot to give birth to the brand's signature perfume. Frangipani flower, jasmine and passion fruit are present for delicately scented make-up and cosmetics.

Rosajou is now sold in more than 300 stores worldwide. You can find the brand at Le Bon Marché and Nocibé, as well as in many concept stores. Delphine is bursting with ideas for the future of Rosajou. She wants to expand the makeup range and offer new colors and sets. And *spoiler alert*, a new jewelry collection and a new fragrance should be launched by the end of the year.




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Delphine Desneiges
Delphine Desneiges

Hello, my name is Delphine, I'm Parisian (nobody’s perfect!). I have a passion for mochis, especially if they are frozen. I like to discover new places and think outside the box. 

Size Chart
Size Height (in) Hauteur (cm) Tour de taille (cm) Chest (in) Poitrine (cm) Waist (in) Tour de taille (cm) Hips (in) Hanches (cm)
3m 20-23 60 40
6m 23-25 67 44
9m 25-27 70 45
12m 27-30 74 46
18m 30-33 81 47
24m 33-35 86 48
2y 33-35 86 20 51 19.5 50 22 55
3y 39 98 21 53 20 51 23 58
4y 41 104 22 55 20.5 52 24 62
5y 43 110 23 57 21 53 25 64
6y 46 116 24 59 22 54 26 66
8y 50 128 25 64 23 57 28 70
10y 55 140 28 70 24 61 30 76
12y 60 152 30 77 25 64 33 84