June 16, 2022




Styles that work for pregnancy and beyond


Pregnancy dressing can sometimes be challenging. When you’re growing a little human being inside you, you want comfort, and clothes that don’t carry harmful chemicals and that are ethically made. 


If you don’t feel like living in the same leggings 24/7, we have designed the perfect pregnancy dress you will wear all summer and that will keep you feeling (and looking) amazing from weeks 1 to 40.

Crafted in organic cotton, Paola dress is made in our atelier in Portugal. It has a slightly loose fit for comfort and the puffed sleeves enhance the romantic feel. This style has enough room to see you through your pregnancy, your 4th trimester and beyond !

Part of our Mommy&Me capsule, try Paola dress with one of our matching styles for your minis, for unforgettable pregnancy pictures.



We also designed smart and stylish 4th trimester essentials with nursing-friendly accents, to make you feel a little cute, a little chic, and a little more like you.

From healing to breastfeeding and navigating your changing body, your outfits are often low in the list of priorities. However, having been there ourselves, we know that getting dressed in a way that makes you feel great, has the potential to change everything.

Designed with nursing in mind, Blerta soft blouse (hello, 100% organic cotton) has opening to the front for easy-access feed. Whether you are nursing or not, this will be your go-to choice when you’re finally ready to hit the town (and by “town” we mean a walk around the block or a trip to the grocery store).

Breastfeeding should not be a compromise between comfort and style. We proudly offer pieces that have been tested and bump-approved by the mothers in our team. We hope you (and your baby) will enjoy wearing them for 9 month and beyond.






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Delphine Desneiges
Delphine Desneiges

Hello, my name is Delphine, I'm Parisian (nobody’s perfect!). I have a passion for mochis, especially if they are frozen. I like to discover new places and think outside the box. 

Size Chart
Size Height (in) Hauteur (cm) Tour de taille (cm) Chest (in) Poitrine (cm) Waist (in) Tour de taille (cm) Hips (in) Hanches (cm)
3m 20-23 60 40
6m 23-25 67 44
9m 25-27 70 45
12m 27-30 74 46
18m 30-33 81 47
24m 33-35 86 48
2y 33-35 86 20 51 19.5 50 22 55
3y 39 98 21 53 20 51 23 58
4y 41 104 22 55 20.5 52 24 62
5y 43 110 23 57 21 53 25 64
6y 46 116 24 59 22 54 26 66
8y 50 128 25 64 23 57 28 70
10y 55 140 28 70 24 61 30 76
12y 60 152 30 77 25 64 33 84